Obedience Training


Does your dog take you for a walk instead of the other way around? Are you tired of telling your dog to ‘come’ only to have him obey only when he’s good and ready? If so, our Obedience Training is just the ticket for you.

The basic program is designed for all breeds of dogs and takes about 2 months to complete. Your dog will learn to heel, sit, stay, come when called, lay down, kennel (load in vehicle, crate etc..), and place (go to a designated place and stay until released). The Obedience Program will allow you to communicate better and enjoy your dog more.

We encourage our clients to visit as often as is convenient and participate in the training program. Our goal when working with the owner is to provide them with the information that will enable them to correctly and confidently deal with situations that have frustrated them in the past.

The benefits of owning a well trained dog are immeasurable. This Obedience Program will give you the freedom to include your dog in your everyday activities, being confident that you will have control in ‘real life’ situations.