Owner Training Program


The training and teaching methods in the Owner Training Program have benefited numerous individuals who have trained their animals as Companion Dogs, Gun Dogs, Hunt Test competitors and National competitors for Pointing and Retriever stakes.

The Owner Training Programs are designed to train the trainer. Many individuals want to spend the time and effort training their own dog, but lack the expertise to complete that goal to it’s highest level. This program is set up on a one-to-one basis to give you, the owner the knowledge and tools needed to train your dog up to the desired level. While training the owner, I assess the animal, enabling me to provide more accurate information to the owner.

I teach people to train dogs with the approach of learning or playing a game. I will not have you handle your dog in a manner that violates your conscience. The methods and techniques used to train the dog are based on behavioral principles that can be easily understood and learned by you, the owner. Most of my clients are capable of training their dog to a Gun Dog level with 8 – 10 lessons. Each session lasts 1 to 2 hours. Developing the dog to the level of Hand Signals will take an additional 6 or more lessons.

Throughout these lessons my goal is to provide information to the owner, which will decrease their dependency on me and give them techniques and tools they will need for successful dog training. I want each individual to have a solid grasp of the principles of dog training so that problems encountered while training or hunting may be solved by utilizing these behavioral principles. We have seen many successful owner/trainers come through this program and go on to spend many rewarding hours in the field enjoying the companionship and competency of a well trained dog.