Stud Dogs

FRK’s Texas Roughneck


“Tough” is a handsome 75 lb. retriever with
an impressive pedigree.  His athletic ability
and strong desire to retrieve make him a
major asset in the field.  He spent last season
with a professional guide where he showed
a great ability to work birds in a variety of
situations.  Tough is a powerhouse in the
field but has a calm personality when he
isn’t working, these qualities along with his
handsome athletic build are some of the
great qualities we have seen him pass to
his pups.

OFA – Hips Excellent, Elbows -Normal
Eyes – Clear
EIC  – Clear
CNM – Clear

Pedigree Information for Tough

FRK’s Mr. Smith

“Smitty” is a gorgeous fox-red retriever.  He
weighs 80 lbs. and is very compact in his build.
He has great desire to retrieve, is very trainable
and has an excellent personality.  He has completed
the Gun Dog and Advanced hand-signal training
and is a great asset in any hunting situation. He
has thrown many quality pups that have his
talent and good looks.

OFA  Hips  –  Good,  Elbows – Normal
CERF – LR-55678
EIC  –   Clear

Pedigree Information for Smitty

FRK’s Get’n Sideways

“Brody” is a great-looking yellow retriever
weighing about 80 lbs.  He has been trained
to the hand-signal level and hunts upland and
waterfowl with equal enthusiasm.  Brody has
consistently produced pups that have his
desire, trainability and terrific good looks.
He has a friendly temperament that makes
him a fine companion in the field and at home.

OFA  Hips – Good,  Elbows – Normal
CERF – LR-55676
CNM – Clear

Pedigree Information for Brody

FRK’s Aces High

“Ace” is a great-looking 75 lb. chocolate
lab.  He has been trained through the
Gun Dog level and is a great hunting
companion with a strong desire to retrieve.
Ace is a cross between show and field
bloodlines and produces beautiful, squarely-
built pups that love to retrieve and have an
easy-going personality!

OFA  Hips – Excellent, Elbows – Normal
Eyes – Clear
EIC –    Clear

Pedigree Information for Ace

FRK’s Brinkley

“Brinkley” was the most adorable puppy ever
and has grown into a handsome 75 lb. retriever.
He comes from both show and field champion
bloodlines and has taken the best from both
sides with his  great looks and strong desire
to retrieve.  He loves to be active and loves
to be with people, making him the perfect

OFA Hips – Excellent    Elbows – normal
Eyes         – Clear
EIC – Clear

Pedigree Information for Brinkley


1. Stud fee: 1) a fee of $1,500 per litter; or 2) A puppy. Stud dog owner is to have first choice of litter. On arrival if Stud Fee Option 1 is chosen, $1,500 fee is due, of this amount $250 is non-refundable. If Stud Fee Option 2 is chosen, $250 is due. This amount will be refunded when Stud owner receives pup. **If no pregnancy occurs, owner of Bitch will obtain veterinary certification and present it to owner of sire within 70 days from mating date(s) and then free return service will be given or a refund of $1,250. The female may stay free of charge for a period of up to (7) days. Additional days will be billed at a rate of $25.00 per day.

2. A litter consists of 3 puppies, if less, the stud fee is $500 per pup.

3. Prior to any breeding, a Negative Brucellosis Certificate is required
(current and signed within 10 days of breeding).

4. Female must be current on all vaccinations including Bordatella.

5. Should pick up and delivery from San Francisco or Fresno airport be required, there will be a $300.00 fee per round trip.